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Alex and Jen have spent the majority of their professional careers as pilots, traveling the world with the military. They have also worked for major airlines. While stationed in Germany, they experienced the wine regions of the Mosel and Rhine River Valleys where their passion for wine began.

With frequent trips to France and Italy, over the years, they learned more and more about wines. After moving back to the United States, they made several trips to other winemaking regions of the world such as New Zealand, Argentina, Italy, and several US wine regions including, Napa Valley, CA, Sonoma Valley, CA, Willamette Valley, OR, and the Finger Lakes Region, NY.

During these visits, they developed friendships with many winery owners and winemakers. The relationships allowed them to learn more about the winemaking process and the industry itself.  Their passion for travel and wine was the inspiration for Captain Wine Travel and to make it, unlike any other travel company.

The goal of Captain Wine Travel is to provide guests with something other than just a tasting room experience. We want our guests to have a more in-depth wine experience with the winery owners or the winemakers themselves. With so many good wines available for consumption, we find a much deeper connection is made with the wine if you know the story and the process behind its creation. We take small, intimate groups to get a more personal look, and of course taste, of the local wineries.