Group Tours

Domestic (United States) Wine Tour

We provide intimate wine tours domestically featuring small boutique wineries that produce exquisite wine.  There you meet the winery owners and/or the winemakers themselves.  You will learn the business on how they produce great wines.

The normal tour consists of a 2-day experience.  Each day you will visit three or four wineries.  Each tasting will be a private sit down tasting with the winery owners or winemakers, if available.  Most of the tastings will have exquisite food pair specifically with each glass of wine.  Such food/wine parings include appetizers, cheese and/or meat plates.  Each day, lunch will be provided at one of the tasting locations.  To provide a personal experience, our tours are limited to 10 people. Luxury transportation is provided throughout the day, beginning and ending at a central location!  For trips going to Sonoma or Napa, CA, transportation can be provided from Reno, NV, or Sacramento, CA, for a nominal fee.  Our price includes transportation, food/wine pairings, lunch, water, and tasting fees.  You will have the opportunity to purchase wine at the end of each tasting.   Price will vary depending on each tour location.

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