Corporate Tours

Let us help you plan a corporate retreat for you and our colleagues.  Sonoma Valley, CA, for instance, has a lot to offer besides wine tasting.  There are bike tours, hot air balloon rides, cooking classes, and wonderful restaurants.  Each wine region has different and wonderful activities to partake in.

This is a completely customizable experience!  You can decide on the tour duration, location and group size.  Some activities, like wine tasking, limit their groups to 10 people or so.  So if your group exceeds this number we might need to offer the same activity a few different times, or look into activities that can accommodate large groups.  Selected dates are flexible as long as the chosen activities and we can accommodate your request.  A list of available activities will be provided at the time of booking.  If there is something specific you are looking for, please let us know! Pick up and drop off locations can be established by the group.  As with normal tours, transportation, food/wine pairings, activities, lunch, water, and winery tasting fees are provided in the cost.

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